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Toad Fu is a shame starring Toad in a pointless adventure.

Plot Edit

One day Toad got angry because a fat plumber (Not Mario, apparently.) ate his pizza pie and vowed to kill everyone in the universe. That is practically the entire game. Yeah. Moving swiftly on.

Gameplay Edit

Toad Fu is a pretty boring shame as it consists of only 5 controls; go this way, go that way, keep going, beat the hell out of someone and PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! The buttons you use depend on Toad's emotions and Toad has no emotions so it is duffed.

Levels Edit

  • Level 1:Peach's Birthday - There are pizza pies and plumbers everywhere you look so you have to kill them all!!! Sarah Palin arrives with a zombie bear that she killed and Toad has to kill it and her. Next Toad has to run to Peach's Airport and steal a giant pink plane.
  • Level 2:Pretty much the same as the first level but Toad's at Never-say-Never-Land. You have to kill Peter Pan and Wendy.
  • Level 3: Toad is hungry an d gets a burger at McDonalds and kills Ronald McDonald and everyone else in the restraunt.

  • Level 4:Toad flies to the Black House and kill the president and every one else in Washington C D. Become the president but don't kill yourself yet...
  • Level 5: Toad inds a rocket and flyinto outer space. Toad will have to kill Rosalinsa, all of her star shaped minions and other evil creatures.
  • Level 6:Toad falls down into the city of Shy Guys which is held up by Fly Guy slaves. Toad starts a massacare and makes the city crash into the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Level 7: Toad lands near Luigi's Mansion and he has to kill all of the monsters and hire a Ghost Buster to suck up the ghosts. Toad kills the Ghost Buster at the end.

  • Level 8: Toad comes to the Dry Dry Desert and meet some adventurers. Toad will have to maul them all and the desert creatures.

  • Level 9: Toad goes to Glastonbury and kills all of the crowd.

  • Boss Level:The last leg of Toad's adventure is at the land of the Demon Balloon. Toad has a random battle and kill your enemy the DEMON BALLOON. Now WaToadsworth kills Toad and laughs evily until he coughes out his lungs and dies. The end?